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Try our produce by participating in our CSA, shopping at the farmers market, or dining at one of several local restaurants that utilize our produce. 

Why Local?

So what does it mean to go local? Well, to start, it means that you have made an economic decision to invest your money in the community that you live in. This is a great thing, it allows that money to recirculate through your community and helps to support your neighbor or local business and it brings diversity to your community.

More about Local Food

Imagine buying a tomato at the grocery store, do you ever wonder how long it’s been since that tomato saw the vine? Some tomato’s have been harvested more locally than others, but in a lot of circumstances, that tomato was bred for optimum shipping traits, picked green, and ripened on the way to the store. How about lettuce? What’s worse than buying a head of lettuce that goes bad only two days later? Get the most out of your produce by eating it when you were meant to - at peak ripeness freshly harvested. 


Fresh & Healthy

Nutrients in food start to break down shortly after harvest. Local produce is often offered to the consumer straight out of the field.


Growers and consumers can choose crops and varieties based on traits like flavor and texture instead of portability and shelf life.


Allows you to know where  and HOW your food is grown - so you can make informed decisions about what you choose to eat. 


Helps your local community  by cutting out the middle men, leaving more money in the hands of the consumers AND the growers.

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