Our 2019 CSA is Closed!

Thank you to our 2019 members! We are so grateful for the support from our community and are looking forward to providing you a season of fresh, nutritious, and delicious produce. We are excited to have a lot existing members join again and also to have expanded to include many new members. Here's to a great season! 

Sign up for our waitlist if you are interested in becoming a CSA member. We will use the waitlist to fill any slots that might open up during the season. At the very least, we will offer next year's slots to existing members first and the waitlist second. Send us a message that you'd like to be put on the waitlist: info@hootowlfarm.net.

Community Supported Agriculture

What's a CSA you ask?

Simply put, it's an easy way for you to enjoy

locally grown, fresh produce all season long. 


Pay for your season in advance, this way the farmer has capital at the beginning of the season when it's needed...you know, to buy seeds and such. 

CSA - More Information...

In CSA, you as the consumer are becoming part of the agricultural process. Members purchase their produce in advance, helping the farmer pay for up front costs. In return, you get access to some of the most nutritious and freshly harvested produce available.

As part of the process, you are willing to share in the risks and rewards that are inherent to farming. You may have a smaller share if an unpredicted weather event affects production; on the other hand, you’ll also benefit from a bumper year for tomatoes. CSA strengthens your relationship with the farmer and connects you to the process of growing food.

How does it work?

You pay up front for your season of shares. We do our best to grow a diverse crop mix and bring your weekly shares to a pick up location. We try to keep the contents diverse, so you will receive anywhere from 6 to 8 different items in each share. The best way to envision this is to picture yourself at a farmers market buying $25 of produce. It is a decent quantity, but not overwhelming.



How much does it cost?

The total cost for the 20 week 2019 CSA is $500. Sign up is on a first come first serve basis, but you must submit at least a 50% payment to secure you're slot. Full payment is required by May 15th. If you are interested in a partial share feel free to coordinate with another person and split your payment and share between yourselves. We do not split shares for you.

We do also offer a bi-weekly share for $250. This is a full share picked up every other week. We will split the total number of bi-weekly shares into two groups so that we can alternate weeks for pick ups, keeping the total number of shares distributed each week constant.

How long does it last?

The 2019 CSA program will last for 20 weeks. Starting May 30st and ending with the last Fall share on October 10th.


How do I join?

You can join by sending in the CSA Application. We have a limited number of slots for the 2019 CSA, so don't delay signing up! Please contact us with any questions. In joining the CSA for the season, we'll ask that you read and agree to our CSA Member Agreement.                            


Where do I get my share?

CSA shares will be available for pick up at the same time and place each week. We will bring your share to the farmers market in either Libby on Thursdays or in Troy on Fridays depending on your indicated pick up preference during sign up. If you need to switch your pickup location please ensure that you notify us by Wednesday of that week. 

What If...

This sounds like too much food for me...

A CSA share is a good amount of food, but it's not usually overwhelming. Of course, preferences vary by person, so some might consider a full share too much while others might wish it were still bigger. If you think a full share might be too much for you, consider splitting your share with a friend or relative. You are welcome to split shares any way you want, however, we will not split shares for you. You might also consider a bi-weekly share where you'll get a full share once every other week. With a bi-weekly share you'll need to be more conscious of the storage life of the vegetables in your share, but it's a good option for some.


I'm out of town a certain week... 

That's ok - you don't have to be the one to pick up your share. You can have a friend, relative, or even stranger pick up your share for you or you can give it to them outright if you're on an extended trip. Just let us know in advance if someone else will be picking up your share for you.

I'm only around for part of the season... 

While we'd love to be able to accommodate your schedule, right now we can't offer variable length season shares. The planning and assembly of our CSA shares just can't support that level of variability. We suggest that you find someone to partner with who could take over your shares for the period of time that you are gone. Reach out to your farmers or fellow CSA members, they may have someone in mind who would be interested. 

I missed my share pick up...

If you missed picking up your share on Thursday, you can opt to pick it up at the Friday pick up site. Any shares that are not claimed by the end of the Friday pick up window will be donated to the local food bank. 

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