Our 2020 CSA is Full!

BUT WAIT... you can still sign up for our Farm Stand list and choose to get a one-time share when we have them available. The Farm Stand is a great way to 'try out' our share program to see if it might be a good fit for you next season. If you want to support your local farm and eat healthy but cannot sign up for a full farm share season,the Farm Stand is for you! 


Once you sign up, you’ll receive notifications when we have one-time shares available.

Community Supported Agriculture

What's a CSA you ask?

Simply put, it's an easy way for you to enjoy

locally grown, fresh produce all season long. 


Pay for some of your season in advance, this way the farmer has capital at the beginning of the season when it's needed...you know, to buy seeds and such. 

Our Farm is Your Farm!

Members receive the freshest possible foods directly from our farm just outside of Libby. 

You will have the unique opportunity to be familiar with exactly what went into the production of your food - who planted the seeds, how the crops were tended and weeded, who harvested it, how it was prepared and delivered to you. 

As a Member You:

Have access to high quality fresh vegetables, that we select for qualities like taste and texture!

Try new foods and learn how to cook with them. 

Develop relationships with your farmers.

Support your local economy and community!

Diversify your diet and eat the freshest food possible! 

Engage with the Farmers and Other Members

Weekly Newsletters

Compare and share recipes with CSA members around the world through a private Facebook Group.

Hoot Owl Farm Facebook Page. 

CSA-Only events

On farm share pickups

Interact with the Farmers and other Members at CSA pick ups

Community Supported Agriculture

In a CSA, you as the consumer are becoming part of the agricultural process. Members purchase their produce in advance, helping the farmer pay for up front costs. In return, you get access to some of the most nutritious and freshly harvested produce available.

As part of the process, you are willing to share in the risks and rewards that are inherent to farming. You may have a smaller share if an unpredicted weather event affects production; on the other hand, you’ll also benefit from a bumper year for tomatoes. CSA strengthens your relationship with the farmer and connects you to the process of growing food.

How does it work?

You pay up front for your season of shares. We do our best to grow a diverse crop mix and bring your weekly shares to a pick up location. We try to keep the contents diverse, so you will receive anywhere from 6 to 8 different items in each share. 

'Harvie' runs our CSA. Harvie is a software platform that helps CSA farmers meet their customers' needs through a customizable farm share program. 


How much does it cost?

How much a CSA membership costs depends on you and your preferences. A weekly share's cost is about $27.50, and can be picked up each week or every other week. Your weekly share cost can go up if you decide to purchase extras from the farm or add-ons from one of the farms partners. We offer flexible payment plans to suit your needs. 

How long does it last?

The 2020 CSA program will last for 20 weeks. Starting May 21st and ending with the last Fall share on October 1st.

How do I join?

We first offer our CSA slots to our previous seasons' members. Any remaining slots will soon be available to sign up for the 2020 season. Our CSA is run by Harvie, an online platform for local farms to run a customizable, customer friendly farm share program.                          

Local Add-On Shares


Bread Share from Gracious Table 

1 loaf of bread $8 per delivery

We've partnered with the Gracious Table to bring you fresh, locally made bread! Get a delivery along with your vegetable share on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Options include their famous sourdough white, sourdough multigrain, or a 'Bakers Choice' bringing you a variety of loaves through the season. 

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